Anaerobic Digestion Facilities

Prongineer's low energy solution, cater to the anaerobic digestion facilities, eliminates the liquid digestate disposal costs by recovering reusable water, bio-solids and depending on the end user requirements, the nutrients in a highly concentrated form.

 AD Schematic.jpg

As digestate typically contains over 90% water, Prongineer has a competitive advantage by offering the solution to produce dischargeable water as a key distinguisher. The recovered water is odourless and has low suspended solids; depending on the end user's need, it can meet the requirements to be discharged to sewer, used for irrigation or recycled back to the plant for on-site use. Bio-solids is a by product of this solution and can be sold as a natural fertilizer. This solution is modular in nature and can be retrofitted to existing anaerobic digestion system.
The elimination of the digestate disposal expense is a huge value to the anaerobic digestion facilities as they are poisoned with high digestate disposal costs. The bottleneck preventing these facilities to expand is due to the regulations that are in place to limit the amount of nutrients (e.g. digestate) that can be applied on a unit area of land. When a facility capacity increases, more digestate would be created and the further away the digestate would need to be transported to be land applied. As a result, the disposal cost increases dramatically.
Prongineer's process produces two significant values: increase the scalability cost effectiveness of the anaerobic digestion systems while minimizing environmental impact of waste disposal and can turn a cost (digestate waste) to revenue (commercial organic fertilizers).