Prince George WWTP Pilot

Testing took place at the Prince George wastewater treatment centre.  The Prince George wastewater treatment plant, located on the bank of the Fraser River in central BC, is one of the most cost effective plants in the province. Serving over 81,000 residents, the plant treats an average of 25 million litres per day with a peak design flow of 73.2 million litres. The plant consists of both primary and secondary treatment, producing a high quality effluent.

Sludge collected from the primary and secondary clarifiers is pumped to the anaerobic digesters for treatment.   Once the sludge is stabilized, it is pumped from the digester to the centrifuges for de-watering, producing a dry cake of 25% solids which is stored on site.  Centrate from the centrifuges is stored in the grit tanks and then returned to the mainstream to be treated along with the incoming raw influent.


Photo of Centrifuge

Project Summary

This project tested the performance of Prongineer’s UniBAR-Anammox process for treating high ammonia concentration centrate.  A portion of the centrate generated during sludge dewatering was treated in the UniBAR-Anammox reactor.  Results demonstrated an average of 95% ammonia removal over the course of testing. 


Photo of UniBAR-Anammox Pilot