The focus of Prongineer technological innovation has been on sustainable low energy wastewater treatment solutions.  Climate change and the search for more energy efficient technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is forcing the environmental to redefine itself and provide and opportunity for implementation of clean technologies. This is one of the reasons why Western Economic Diversification Canada launched an initiative for a multi-stakeholder Environmental Technology Forum to build a consensus between government and industry on the opportunities and actions necessary to strengthen clean technology development in Western Canada. As a part of this action plan, local governments from across B.C. signed a Climate Action Charter with the Province and the Union of BC Municipalities committing to become carbon neutral by year 2012.  Pacific Carbon Trust, a Crown corporation of the Government of BC, created to deliver greenhouse gas offsets to help industry and municipalities reduce their carbon footprint and providing them with carbon credits.

 Prongineer has developed two proprietary wastewater treatment technologies contributing to  clean tech market. UniBAR technology and Modular Microbial Fuel Cell Technology. UniBAR technology removes ammonia from wastewater through anammox biological pathway capable of creating a shortcut in biological nitrogen cycle. As a result UniBAR process reduces the energy consumed by conventional nitrification denitrification treatment by 50%.  Microbial fuel cell technology takes the energy efficiency of the treatment to the extreme by using wastewater as a fuel to produce electricity directly from wastewater.