Abbotsford WWTP Pilot

Testing took place at the Joint Abbotsford Mission Environment Systems (JAMES) wastewater treatment plant.  The JAMES wastewater treatment plant is co-owned by the City of Abbotsford and the District of Mission, but operated by the City of Abbotsford.  Located on the bank of the Fraser River in the City of Abbotsford BC, the JAMES WWTP is the third largest secondary treatment plant in British Columbia.  Serving over 170,000 residents the plant treats an average of 55,000 m3/d (14.5 MGD).

The JAMES WWTP uses a trickling filter solids contact process for secondary treatment.  Three anaerobic digesters are used for sludge stabilization.  The stabilized class A biosolids are pumped to a centrifuge for dewatering, producing a dry cake of solids which is stored on site.  


Photo of Centrifuge 

Project Summary

This project tested the performance of Prongineer’s UniBAR-Anammox process for removing ammonia from centrate- liquid product of centrifuge-  Results demonstrated a maximum of 99% and average of 92% ammonia removal over long term operation.

Photo of UniBAR-Anmmox pilot