High Solids Anaerobic Digestion

Our digester is an induced blanket reactor (IBR) digester which is a contact process where the anaerobic biomass forms a sludge blanket that digests the waste as it moves through the reactor. Influent is introduced at the bottom of the reactor and flows up through the sludge blanket. Digestion occurs as waste flows up through the sludge blanket and comes in contact with the anaero- bic biomass. As biogas is produced it adheres to the sludge blanket causing it to rise. At the top of the tank, the biogas is released and the sludge blanket will fall towards the bottom of the reactor. IBR digesters are designed for influent with 6 up to 10 percent TS. This system will treat a medium to high OLR, between 5 to 9.1 kilograms COD per cubic meter per day (312–567 lb COD/1,000ft with a short HRT of 3 to 5 days. Systems  will be designed to meet Calss B or Class A Standard for biosolids.  IBR digesters can handle a large range of OLRs. Our IBR digesters are typically constructed in modular movable tanks and gas is collected in the same vessel. IBR digester design should account for solids removal without disrupting the anaerobic process.